I am an Editorial Fashion Photographer, based in Southern California. I'm currently on the LA Fashion Week Official House Photography Team, and served as a Lead Photographer for San Diego International Film Festival. My work is regularly published in the San Diego-based magazine, Discover Magazines, and you'll find me at a variety of high-end events, galas, and fashion shows.

When I’m not taking photos, you’ll find me working with wounded Marines, exploring the world, and spending time with my family.

My work focuses on finding the color and vibrancy in each of us and capturing it in a photograph. I seek the vivid, the unusual, the creative spark that can be expressed in those perfect moments.

I enjoy experimenting with new techniques and looking for ways to create unique, bold looks.

Have an upcoming project? I’d love to collaborate with you! I also work with House of Taru designs and can facilitate costumes, creative accessories, and artistic support. Get in touch using my email or social media platforms to discuss rates, scheduling, and more.

The Production Team

My muse, partner in crime and in life! Saija heads House of Taru Designs and is a gifted artist, model, clothing and accessory designer, digital editor, and businesswoman. I am constantly inspired by her creativity and passion for art.  

Our sweet, 120 lb Pearl provides us with pure, unfiltered joy 24/7, and reminds us that sometimes it's just nice to run around in the grass. 

Hiisi is a cranky Savannah, and introvert supreme. He can most often be found napping or yelling at us for making too much noise. 

Our newest member of the team is Diesel, a spunky, confident Lykoi kitten. Wild but also sweet, this little guy truly believes that all rules are made to be broken.

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