Campaign Photography Services 

Marketing campaigns are fantastic ways to build a bridge between your business and potential clients or customers. There are many ways to reach your target audience, whether through classic advertising techniques such as billboards and adverts or via social media advertising.

One important common factor of all these mediums is that you need high-quality images of various sizes to capture your audience's interest. Nate Cleary Photography can help you get brilliant, high-quality images highlighting your product or business's key features and telling the story you want to convey to a potential customer. 

With years of experience across commercial, fashion and product photography, we are well-equipped to offer you a highly professional and creative campaign photography service.

 Marketing Campaign Photography Scotland 

No matter the marketing campaign you're planning, Nate Cleary Photography can help you capture the perfect images to represent your brand and your products. We have experience working across various marketing mediums and can create high-quality images for everything from social media platforms to large billboards.

 We have three core steps to help craft your campaign photography:

  • Consultation – we'll discuss your aims for the campaign, what you need the photos for and what you want them to convey. We can also discuss important factors such as brand tone and how you'd like your business to be represented by your campaign.
  • Photo Session – we can arrange a studio or in-house shoot to capture your images. With expert lighting set-ups and a range of model/mannequin options for product photography, we can ensure we capture the perfect images to show off your products. 
  • Editing – our technical experience means we can edit and render your images for various platforms. Every medium (for example, a LinkedIn banner and a billboard on the side of a bus) requires slightly different specifics to maintain quality. We can ensure you have a range of perfectly-sized, crisp images for every aspect of your campaign. 

Above The Line Vs Below The Line Marketing Campaigns 

There are two main marketing campaign categories: 'above the line' and 'below the line'. Above-the-line advertising refers to campaigns that are usually mass-marketed and have a large potential reach. Below the line focuses on targeting a smaller audience but can be equally as important in securing a specific group of customers or clients and building connections. 

Here at Nate Cleary Photography, we can help you with both types of marketing campaigns. After an initial consultation, we can draw up ideas for the type of campaign you want to conduct and what type of photography may be best suited for this endeavour. For example, for an above-the-line campaign, you may want things such as:

Whilst for a below-the-line campaign, you may want:

  • Photos for brochures 
  • Photos for direct mail campaigns 
  • Photos for info-flyers  

At Nate Cleary, we can offer all of these and more. With our expert editing techniques, your photos will be optimised for their purpose, ensuring they are crisp, and clear and highlight all the best features of the product you want to show off. 

Hire A Professional Campaign Photographer in Scotland

If you're a business based in Scotland and you want to get high-quality photos of your products, please feel free to contact us to arrange a consultation. We're here to help you kick off your next marketing campaign in style. 

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