Professional Fashion Photography Services

Photography is instrumental to any fashion brand. 

For designers, having great high-quality photos capturing all of their clothes' details is incredibly important in gaining people's interest. And, for fashion models, it's important to have a portfolio of professional images to present as castings. 

When you choose to work with Nate Cleary Photography, we can offer you all this and more with our expert fashion photography services. 

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Professional Fashion Photographer Glasgow 

Nate Cleary is a professional fashion photographer with years of experience working with designers to create eye-catching images of their designs. Having worked major fashion events such as LA Fashion Week and producing numerous editorial works for fashion brands, Nate has a diverse range of fashion industry experience which can help you unlock your brand potential. 

When you work with Nate Cleary Photography, you get a professional and artistic insight into what you need to get great fashion photos. We'll work with you to figure out what you want your photos to express about your work and how to tell the narrative you want the world to see. 

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What Do You Get With Our Fashion Photography Services?

The first step of any successful photography session is a consultation. We'll discuss everything you want to achieve with your photos during this time. It's important for us to understand your session's intention to ensure that we get the tone and editing of the photos right. Some of the fashion photography services we can offer include:

Ecommerce Fashion Photography 

If you need photos for your website, we can offer services such as our ghost mannequin photography to give you the perfect way to showcase your fashion designs for an online profile. We can conduct e-commerce shoots in-studio or on-location, so don't worry about transporting your designs – we can bring the studio lighting and equipment to you! 

Fashion Event Photography 

We have plenty of experience conducting high-quality event photography for catwalk fashion shows. We will take every precaution to ensure that our photography doesn't interfere with the event; for example, we use silent cameras and set up the lighting in advance to be as complimentary as possible. We also utilise specialised low-light lenses with a long reach so that we can photograph your models and designs without interference with the show. 

Hire A Professional Fashion Photographer In Scotland 

If you're based in Scotland and require a professional fashion photography service, please feel free to contact us to arrange a consultation. 

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