Editorial Branding Photography

We live in a digital world of endless scrolling. In order for your brand or website to be noticed, you must have quality, dynamic imagery that causes potential clients to pause their scroll, engage with your site and see the value that you have to offer them.

With commercial / editorial branding photography, every image tells a story, and that is the signature concept from which a company's branding sessions are formed. With my experience in LA and working directly for LA Fashion Week, I have the experience and talent to connect your brand's message to stunning visual content, creating a cohesive story that grabs the attention of your target audience. This translates into greater sales and more meaningful connections.

Commercial Headshots

With editorial photography, a headshot is not just a headshot. Just as the rest of your content and business decisions are based in strategy, so should the individual images of yourselves and staff.

Utilizing the same process as branding sessions but refining for the individual, we create bespoke templates for the most successful and engaging professional headshots, both inside and outside of the studio. With tools such as color theory, advanced lighting techniques, proper posing, wardrobe selection and creative mood boards, every shoot is designed to tell your story at a comprehensive level.

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